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The Stoa Consortium

Projector Director
Dr. A. Ross Scaife
Professor of Classics
University of Kentucky

Project Home: http://www.stoa.org/

Project Description

The Stoa Consortium for Electronic Publication in the Humanities (with a focus on Classics and Classical Archaeology) was established in 1997 by Ross Scaife, Professor of Classics at the University of Kentucky. The Stoa exists to serve several purposes: dissemination of news and announcements, mainly via the gateway blog; discussion of best practices via discussion groups and white papers; and publication of experimental on-line projects, many of them subject to scholarly peer review. Open Access to networked scholarship is a bedrock principle for this site.

Projects at the Stoa are often linked closely to materials and tools available from the Perseus Digital Library based at Tufts University. The Stoa is also closely affiliated with the Digital Classicist site based at King’s College, London and edited principally by Gabriel Bodard.

Funding for operations at the Stoa has come from a variety of sources over the years, including the initial FIPSE grant from the U.S. Department of Education, shares of NEH and NSF grants, funds from the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC, and local support at the University of Kentucky from the Center for Computational Sciences and the College of Arts and Sciences.