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Documenting the Pamiri Languages

Dr. Gregory Stump
Professor of Linguistics

Dr. Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby
Professor of Russian, Folklore, and Linguistics

Dr. Mark Richard Lauersdorf
Associate Professor of Linguistics

Dr. Andrew Hippisley

Project Home:  http://www.rch.uky.edu/Shughni/

Project Description

The Pamiri languages belong to the Eastern Iranian group and are spoken in the mountainous regions of eastern Tajikistan and northeastern Afghanistan. All of the Pamir languages are endangered or vulnerable. A collaborative research group comprising scholars at the University of Kentucky as well as academic institutions in Tajikistan are working to document these languages by providing a detailed grammar of the major language Shughni that will include comparisons with the sister Pamiri languages. A significant methodological component of the documentation enterprise involves language digitization, computer manipulation, and computer modeling. Two of the digital outputs we are working towards are:

Outputs to date:


Research on the Documenting the Pamiri Languages project has been supported by:

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