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Network Morphology

Project Directors
Dr. Andrew Hippisley
Associate Professor of Linguistics
University of Kentucky

Dr. Dunstan Brown
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics
Surrey Morphology Group at the University of Surrey

Project Home:  http://networkmorphology.as.uky.edu/

Project Description

Morphology is particularly challenging, because it is pervaded by irregularity and idiosyncrasy. Our work is a study of word structure using a specific theoretical framework known as 'Network Morphology'. It describes the systems of rules which determine the structure of words by construing irregularity as a matter of degree, using examples from a diverse range of languages and phenomena to illustrate. Many languages share common word building strategies, and many diverge in interesting ways. These strategies can be understood by distinguishing different notions of 'default'. The Network Morphology philosophy promotes the use of computational implementation to check theories. Our book gives a detailed description of the theory, models, and language case studies. Our website provides the computer coded version of the Network Morphology model of word structure for readers to test, customize and develop.


Research on the Network Morphology project has been supported by:

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